Food! Experiences and Friends! (April 5th)

Today was another of the glorious days where we went to the school and filled out paperwork that was required for our stay during our time in Japan. Quite an exciting time, and one that took the majority of the day, unfortunately. I understand fully the importance of all the paperwork, though it does put a bit of a hamper on the ability to head out and explore.

We actually made friends with one of the girls that lived at I-House (International House), named Nicole. After a bit of conversing, it was brought up trying out a pizza place that was near Proxy… for the equivalent of 15 dollars, all you can eat pizza, drink, dessert. It sounded good, plus it would give us the opportunity to try some Japanese pizza. So myself, Jason, Nicole and our friend Declan headed to the place, which I still don’t know the name of, and tried our hand at the food!


The restaurant actually had self-serve drinks, desserts, and an ipad at each table that were used to order the pizza and pasta that you wanted. This is a picture of our friend Nicole as she works on trying to find the next pizza she wanted to try. It was a rather interesting, not only to see the types of food (Japanese version of them anyway), but the conversation itself was rather interesting as well. Nicole is from Canada, and Declan is from Australia, so we got to get a little insight on their version of things… for instance, neither knew what biscuits and gravy was. :O

As we ordered our first round of pizza and pasta, we figured out that the pizzas were personal sized, coming in four slices. As there were four of us, we figured this would allow us to try plenty of the pizzas… though Nicole wasn’t too keen on the pizza. She had a salad, some gnocchi and only tried one or two slices of pizza… she didn’t have the stomach that myself, Declan and Jason did.

As you can tell from some of the pictures above, their pizza and pasta are not quite like our own. Their crust is really thin, the sauce is thin, and the ingredients are a little sparce… this is probably a big part of this place being an all-you-can-eat establishment. And while they had some conventional flavors, such as meat, or veggie, there were a few unique ones they had, such as a breakfast looking pizza… normal crust, normal sauce, hotdog, egg, and a little seasoning upon it. There was one that looked similar to meat lovers, and another that was meat and spinach… most of them were really good. The pasta was a bit different as well, the pasta itself being a lil more firm, and the sauce being more tomato based and thin.

But just as there are some normal, conventional flavors (at least by US standard), there are some certainly… unique… flavors that are likely only found in Japan. Such as squid ink pasta, or pasta with what looked like roe and a white sauce upon it. One of the more interesting ones that we tried towards the end was a pizza that had sausage, corn and hot mayonaise upon it. And it was surprisingly not bad… certainly a different flavor, but the mayo was tangy enough to be interesting. But as it was towards the end of the meal, it did get a little difficult to stomach, not only for its uniqueness, but because of overall fullness from the rest of the food.

One of the things that was most enjoyable about the dinner is that the place wasn’t overly busy. So when we finally got towards being done with the food, we kind of relaxed and eased into conversation, about Japan, our home countries, and anything that we could think up. The pictures showed what a good time we had… though I don’t quite remember why Nicole and Declan decided to get all gangster with their peace signs and all that. But this evening spent conversing with them certainly made me aware of just how enjoyable new experiences could be, even more so when you had new friends to enjoy it with. And during my time in Japan, both Declan and Nicole would be friends I would share many new experiences with.

So don’t forget… don’t hesitate to try new things when you are in a new place… and don’t hesitate to try and drag some new people along with you!

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