Tiny Post to share picture! (April 4th)

After the event of the last couple days, today was a day that we had some paperwork to do on the campus. Overall, it wasn’t anything too overly difficult, and we were done around lunchtime. But after the events of the last couple days, and all the excitement, it was one of those days where you just wanted to relax and chill. And thus is exactly what I did!

But at one point during the evening, I decided to walk down to a nearby convenience store for some snacks… the walk at night was actually rather nice, and could actually be peaceful, depending upon the routing I took. But it was after my purchases at the convenience store, and on the way back, that I decided to take a picture.


The giant building that is lit up in the middle? That is Proxy at night… I’m taking a picture of it from across the lake, which you can see the light reflecting in the water. I don’t necessarily know what made me decide to take the picture, but I rather liked the look of it, especially with the sun only beginning to fully ease down on the horizon. Of course, there are times like this that I wish I actually had taken a real camera with me, rather than using my cell-phone camera for everything… but I still rather like how I got the building, as well as the pond, in view. If nothing else, it will certainly be a picture that will remind me how nice the area looked when the sun went down!

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