I am so far behind.

When I originally decided to do a blog, I honestly didn’t think it would really be all that much work. It would be something relatively easy, that I would try to do everyday. Not only would it work as a required project for some of the scholarships I have gotten for my study abroad, but it would also allow me to keep a journal of sorts, to remember a lot of things that I experienced on this journey.

Yet at the point of writing this, I’m a good 7 or 8 weeks behind on my blog entries. Between giving textual life to the experiences, as well as trying to organize the pictures, even with somewhat short posts (which I haven’t even really done), doing a blog entry a day is something akin to doing a small paper every day.  It definitely gives me a greater appreciation for people who do this everyday, whether its just a personal blog, business blog, or anything in between.

For the friends and family who may be checking this, I am sorry for  being so far behind. I am definitely intending to sit down and knock out some posts. And with the school classes starting, it will be easier, as they are generally less productive days (ie not as much interesting stuff happens). I simply have to sit down and do them.

Anyway, just though I might slip a little reflection post in here about the blog itself.

End of Reflection.

One thought on “Reflection

  1. May I suggest that you not worry so much about an entry for every single day, but rather just the highlighted days instead? I would think feeling that you had to hit every single day, it would no longer be fun to keep the blog and it would turn into a dreaded chore after a while. Not every day is going to have something to ever really write about. Just stick with the highlights. Maybe a short little paragraph for random days, in between those highlight days. Keep it fun, for yourself. 😉


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