School Greetings! (Day 8 – March 18)

Today was going to be a relatively busy day towards the middle of it, as we had what would best be considered a ‘School Welcome Party’. It was to start at around 11am, but there was actually a gathering of Proxy Friend students at the plaza at the University. It was to take a ‘Proxy Family’ picture for prosperity, though there were at least one or two I-House people there as well that got in the picture. But the more the merrier, right? Of course we had to wait around for a good 20 minutes for everyone to gather up for the picture… and while I enjoyed conversing with some people, including people who were there for their second semester and only coming back from their ‘vacations’ home, I decided to take a couple pictures to fill the time, mostly to show the joy of everyone waiting around, gathered up in their little groups of conversation.

Everyone was standing around, waiting for everyone to show up. But eventually the RAs (Japanese students who work as our Resident Advisors in Proxy) showed up and everyone began to gather up for the picture. A few pictures were taken, but eventually this would be the one that was shown to everyone on facebook. Like many pictures, I tend to gravitate towards the back, so just a bit visible. From what I see, you can’t even see Jason… he’s a few people in from the left side, though all you can kind of see is a gleaming dome… 😀


But now that the Proxy Family photo had been taken, we would make our way to the first floor of the Communication Plaza. It’s kind of a sizable building that has a lot of chairs and stuff, kind of a common area for people to sit or hang out, as there are plenty of tables, chairs, the campus bookstore, as well as a small convenience store on the second floor. That is one of the things that amazed me about the University. Altogether, it is likely the size of K-State Salina, albeit in a smaller area… and they have 3 convenience stores just on campus! (at least that I’m aware of). They also have at least 2 cafeterias, which is nifty as well. But anyway, as we entered into the first floor of the communication plaza, we got to see a bunch of the food that we would get to try and enjoy during our little welcome party!

The food was actually DAMN good. The sushi, the chicken… pretty much everything that was there was just really good. As everyone descended upon the tables to get food, we would actually get to see some of the clubs and groups put on little presentations for us, partially to teach us about some of the organizations on campus, as well as to likely try and recruit some of the many study-abroad students that were attending the university (I’m sure having them in a club looks quite good for the club/organization).

There were many clubs that put on little presentations. A few of them were the cheerleading team, aikido club, singing club, jazz club, hiking club, as well as a few other organizations that took a few moments to say what they were and what they did. Overall, it was nice to see as we ate, though it was rather clear that many of the students didn’t have the strongest english skills (understandably), many reading from cards or even their phones. But still, many of the clubs were quite interesting…. even at the time of writing this, still pondering trying to join a club or not, though I’m sure the language barrier would cause some small bit of issues.

Eventually the presentation was let out, after the remaining food was eaten all up. We were free to go about our days, and with little really planned today other than this, I headed back to my room to chill out for a bit. No plans were ultimately made for dinner either, so I decided to try out one of the numerous ramens I had purchased to try out. Yes, it’s just instant ramen, but its a pretty cheap and easy meal… and is rather cheap, which is good for poor college students. 😛 This particular one was alright… I probably wouldn’t get it again, but it wasn’t super terrible. For a ‘dessert’, I purchased this bag of what says caramel corn. It actually had a very nice caramel flavor, but the crisps are actually rather soft… its kind of hard to explain. They were good, yet the softness of texture plays a trick on the mind, compared to how it looks. I guess I expected it to be crunchier like caramel popcorn… but definitely good.


End of day 8!

2 thoughts on “School Greetings! (Day 8 – March 18)

  1. What a great welcoming. I love that they gave little demonstrations of the local clubs and such. It seems like the school is doing a good job of introducing the exchange students to everything they have to offer. I think you ought to go out for one of the clubs. It would be a great social opportunity, not to mention push you into a better understanding of their language and communications. It could aid you in making new, lifelong friends. 😘💕


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