Just a Day… (Day 5 – March 15)


After the previous day that I had, I woke up feeling a bit exhausted. Part of it was the fact that so much happened in the day, and I was likely still not fully used to the new time table, as well as the fact that I had to walk so much everywhere! I’m too used to driving places, so my walking isn’t what it used to be…. not to mention I’m overweight and out of shape, so definitely doesn’t make for the best combination.

At school, we had a few introductions with other faculty from the University who informed us about general safety measures, as well as doing a little more paperwork. All-in-all, it was a relatively boring and altogether uneventful orientation day. It actually passed by pretty quickly… and before I knew it, it was time for lunch! Actually had lunch at the small cafeteria next to the indoor 7-11. Deciding to try something that looked particularly good, ordered a beef bowl with rice, which came with some miso soup (which I am learning I do -not- like), and I purchased some unique looking Pocky from the 7-11 for a dessert. All in all, pretty good meal. ^_^

The food was pretty good, and I’m not gonna lie… I more or less purchased the candy because I thought the box looked pretty. Purple is my favorite color! But the stuff was pretty good, almost tasting something akin to hazelnut or something similar. It’s hard to tell exactly what the flavor was. But after lunch was done, for the most part, was pretty much done for the day. Being tired as I was from the previous day, I actually went back to the apartment for a bit, to more or less relax and just get a little time off of my feet. True enough it is time that I should be using to update my blog (coughcoughprocrastinatingcoughcough) but I generally just watched youtube, or even laid around in bed, uncomfortable as it might be!

Eventually, a bit later in the afternoon, I finally got out of the bed and wandered in the direction of the supermarket for some food. The supermarket is a bit different from ours, though in one of the back corners, they have a lot of prepared bentos, or basically meals. I picked one that I thought looked relatively good, as well as a bit of candy for dessert (yes, I like candy!), plus I am always purchasing and trying a new thing every time I go into a store.

The candy was supposed to be like a sour gummy, but wasn’t really all that sour. Still good though. The meal itself was pretty good…. some peach tea, chicken and rice. There was a small thing of potato salad, some pickled veggies, and even got a couple skewers of marinated chicken…. was dang good! Along with the meal, I had also purchased something from a gachapon machine. Gachapon is a -big- thing in Japan… essentially its equivalent to the toy machines you might find in front of Walmart… except instead of 50 cents, some gachapon range from 100 yen to 500 yen (roughly 1-5 dollars) depending upon the quality of the toy. I actually purchased one that I was slightly interested in that was Gundam based. It was 300 yen, but the pictures looked pretty cool…. it was a little less cool when I realized some assembly was required. 😦 But when I finally got it together, looked alright, though it wasn’t the one I wanted. And that is how they get ya… the gachapon machines generally have 5-8 different items in them, and if you don’t get the one you want, it urges you to purchase more in hopes of getting the one you want.

Overall, the product looked like the paper, and it wasn’t -too- difficult… I did actually cut my finger on one of the hard points of the frame when I was trying to pop the pieces out, but other than that, wasn’t too difficult. But after that, I spent a little time watching tv, before heading to bed for the night, feeling rather accomplished with my toy-putting-together skills!

End of Day 5!

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