Death Mountain? (Day 3 – March 13)


No, we didn’t really find a death mountain. But it was a nickname that Jason gave to the little path we found that goes behind Proxy Friends. There is a road that goes along and actually has a few temples or shrines along it. But as we were going to explore, we saw a little path at the base of the road, so decided we would take that first. We actually came across some rather interesting things. Some of them looked like little, worn shrines… others possibly little graveyards? There were things that definitely appeared to be tombstones. We weren’t entirely sure. We took plenty of pictures, even as we eventually found our way back to the road.


We eventually found way back to the road, but even there, as we walked along, you could see similar areas along the side of the road. Some of them had chains that obviously were meant to prevent you from entering the area. We also saw an older couple that we were unsure if they were there to hike, or perhaps visiting a family shrine? But we started to walk up the road a bit. I will admit, this area certainly had far more visual impact than some of the graveyards I’ve been to back home. The size of the tombstones, as well as guardian statues or archways… it was aided by the surrounding foilage that gave an all-around darker visage to the area. But I still marveled at the appearance of it, of the care given to some of the things we saw.



The road was a bit steep, and winded quite a bit, as the pictures might display. Definitely had the appearance of somewhere you might hike. But there were plenty of little graves or shrines along the road, right next to where you might walk. But we continued to walk, to see what else we might discover. But only a little way further, we happened across a set of stairs… and being the curious guys that we were, we decided to see where it led, unconcerned with the fact it might lead us into the wilderness.


As we began down it, it was obvious there was a path, somewhat traveled, though it was a little difficult as to figure out exactly where it led. Was it just kind of a hiking path, or what? Well, we decided it was worth an investigation…. and as we went along further into the darkness of the wooded area, we began to come across splits in the path, as well as more of the shrines and graves that we had seen previously. But it was obvious these were far more secluded, some of them looking as though they hadn’t been taken care of in a while, though others looked maintained. We could only explore so much one direction, before it came to a dead end. We then turned around and went the path we hadn’t gone the first time, which eventually lead us back towards a paved road and back towards Proxy Friends.


Note – You can click on images to enlarge them, just like with all my posts…. in case readers haven’t figured this little tidbit out yet. 🙂


Eventually, we made our way back towards Proxy Friends, having survived ‘Death Mountain’ as Jason so elegantly named it. But deciding that we felt like walking a bit more, we began to once again explore the more obviously urban side of the neighborhood. It was quite a walk, but we actually came across a book store eventually. And let me tell you, never have I felt more like an idiot than being utterly surrounded by visual representations of a language I couldn’t yet read! So many things that I was actually interested in trying to figure out what they were, yet I don’t know enough of Hiragana, Katakana or even Kanji to decipher this cryptic language. So like a child, all I could really do was look at the pictures. 😦 Thankfully, there were plenty of pictures to take. And I even took one of a guy that I fully believe is the Japanese equivalent of Guy Fierri!


Eventually, realizing that neither myself nor Jason were going to really be able to read anything in there, we decided to head out, and back towards our apartments. Along the way, we found a sign that I took a picture of, more because of the unique way in which they portrayed the message visually, rather than anything else. But after that, the rest of the day was spent in the room, simply letting our feet rest and waiting for the next day of excitement to come! (plus, we were still a bit jet-lagged, so more rest was needed than normal)


End of Day 3!




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