First Walk-about! (Day 2 – March 12)

These beds suck!

I woke up actually hurting a bit from just how hard and rather uncomfortable the bed in my room is! The pillow is essentially a tough little beanbag for your head, and the bed has no real give to it at all, which ultimately makes it seem like a single step up from sleeping on the floor. I will definitely have to invest in a futon or some blankets or something to try and make it a little more tolerable in the future. Maybe I’m too use to my nice, comfortable bed at home…. but yeah, the one in my room is not all that great. 😦

Today wasn’t the most eventful day. Like the day before, me and Jason went on a little walk around the area that was most easily accessible from Proxy Friends (the place we live) to scout out restaurants, businesses and other such establishments. We had seen one particularly large building in our walks that we decided to go investigate. It ended up being what is essentially a Walmart-type store on one side, with a second floor that is all housing goods. Then it is connected to a second building by a food court that is a large grocery store. So essentially, its an all-in-one place to shop for everything you might need. We of course walked around a bit and looked at stuff we might need for our rooms, and Jason bitched a bit about some of the stuff he would have purchased from this place, rather than the cheaper version we got from Daiso…. it was amusing.

After shopping on the hardware and home supply side, we took a little stop in the food court. One of the stores there actually sold Takoyaki, which is essentially octopus balls. They are doughy little balls that have a chunk of octopus in the center of them. They ended up being pretty good, though they were extremely hot in the middle! Jason basically burnt his mouth with the first one, and even after waiting a few minutes, when I tried my first one, it wasn’t all that much better. We probably looked pretty comical! Anyway, they were certainly good… will likely have to try them again. The octopus stayed surprisingly firm in the middle of the doughy ball.



After the bite to eat, we then wandered around the convenience store in search of some food and drink to take back to our apartments, and put in our iddy-biddy little fridges. Honestly, the store looks like most others, so I didn’t take any pictures at this particular time (though there are some I took in future days to come).  Then it was back to our places to put the stuff away. And only a few minutes after did we decide to go on another walk around, to parts of the immediate neighborhood that we hadn’t seen yet. For the most part, it was a typical neighborhood, though almost directly across and just a small walk down the sidewalk is a pond, along with some little sakura trees. I took a picture, primarily cause it was the first sakura I had seen since arriving in Japan (technically, the season doesn’t start til late March, so not surprisingly.)


The walk was a rather short one, as we had a kind of meeting party planned for the evening, so we headed back to our room to relax a bit from all the walking around. But later towards the evening, we headed over towards I-House, which is the other foreign student dorm-like area, where the party was intended to be. We would get to meet and mingle with the other foreign exchange students, as well as get some free food! I took some pictures of all the people, though none of the food unfortunately. But met some nice people, and made a few new friends!


The party went on for a couple of hours, before myself and Jason, along with two friends we made named Kim and Declan headed out for a walk, as well as stopping by a katsudon place. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of the actual food (will do so next time I eat there), but got a picture of the menu, to give a rough idea of the kind of food there was.


After a really good meal (that was only 540 yen… roughly 5 dollars), we headed to a local convenience store for a quick pickup of some stuff for the next day, and then headed back towards our apartments. It was nice talking to some non-americans, as it let us get some insight as to their view on americans, our politics and stuff like that. Very informative. But finally, we parted ways back at Proxy Friends, and headed to our rooms.

End of Day 2!





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