Waking up in Japan! (Day 1 – March 11)

Let me tell you… after double-digit hours trying to rest and be comfortable in an international flight, being able to relax in a very soft, comfortable hotel bed is amazing! Like the night before, we had to get up semi-early, having to catch an 8am bus back to the airport to catch a 9:30 flight to Nagoya. So we got up around 7am and headed down towards the buffet place on the first floor called Serena for some much-needed breakfast! Much like the meal the night before, it was pretty good, obviously more breakfast oriented. I myself stuck to a little more american-ized fare, while Jason tried a few more of the more Japanese-oriented foods.


The meal was really good… I particularly enjoyed the scrambled eggs and little sausages. But we actually got done with our food faster than we really thought we would, having a good 30 or so minutes before we had to have our stuff ready to get on the bus. Deciding that it looked rather nice outside, we decided to go for a little walk on the hotel grounds just outside the Serena restaurant. They had a nice little garden area and patio area set up, where we found some pretty flowers.

But soon enough, what little time we had was eaten away, meaning we had to retrieve our bags from our rooms and get ready to get on the bus, to be shuttled back to the airport and towards the plane that would finally help us reach our final destination. We of course had to wait quite a while before we got on the plane, but when we finally got there, we settled in rather easily. I stole the windowseat from Jason at this point, and saw something rather interesting out the window. The guys on the ground that guide the plane actually waved and even bowed to the plane and people within as it began to head towards the runway… definitely something you wouldn’t see in the States!



The flight was intended to be about 1 hour, 15 minutes…. so it wasn’t going to be an overly long flight by any means, especially in comparison to the big one we took to get to Japan! There were no in-flight movies, though they had some radio stations you could listen to. Most of it was obviously in Japanese, though they had one or two that were running US songs in English. That meant I had plenty of opportunity for pictures while we were flying!

But finally, after a surprisingly quick little flight, we arrived in Nagoya! As we got off the plane, there were long conveyor walkways that had plenty of pretty pictures that I believe were taken in places around the city, kind of like a way of advertising for locations, I think. There was also one rather awesome picture that Jason pointed out that had a large sakura tree in the middle of a field…. it was very pretty.

When we finally got through the airport, we met up with the people from the university that we were supposed to meet, to guide us along the right way. After a few minutes of waiting, we got to get on a bus that would take us some distance away. It wasn’t the longest trip, but we had time to relax and enjoy views out the windows (unfortunately I didn’t take any  pictures). But we got to a bus stop at a rather unknown place in the city, where we got off and gathered up our bags…. only to meet up with more university people that guided us a short walk away to a couple taxis that were waiting down the street. Yes, we now got to have a taxi ride the rest of the way to Proxy Friends, which would be our home for the next handful of months!

Yet even as we got there and were finally shown the rooms we would be in, obviously me and Jason were not content to simply spend the time unpacking! Essentially, we dropped off our bags and then headed out immediately. Part of it was to do a little reconnaisance, and part of it was to find the Daiso, which is essentially the Japanese version of a dollar store. We needed to find some extension cords, plates, and any other vital things we could think of.  Here is a picture of all the stuff I got… and I probably payed somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40 dollars for it all…. not bad, if I say so.



With some bare essential stuff out of the way, such as hangers, cutlery, plates, and some very necessary snacks, I finally got to the point where I was able to begin unpacking my bags. But before I did that, I decided I would give a few pictures of what my new ‘home’ would look like, before I began to make it look livable. I even took a couple pictures of the view from my balcony, to give an idea of what kind of view I had.

Even though we had only just begun to get unpacked, and that we did indeed grab a few snacks (well, I did… Jason not so much), eventually the desire for some actual food came over us, since we didn’t really get a lunch of any kind this day. We had found a conveyor belt sushi place on our walk to Daiso, so we decided that it was a rather suiting first sushi meal.  The name of the place is Hamazushi, and its both good and cheap, which is a win/win for poor college students!

Since we were unsure of exactly what we would like and not, we would wait to see what kind of stuff went by, and would just pick it up off the conveyor belt. There were some plates sitting on trays, which indicate they are intended for customers who had actually ordered them. But I got a coke, a soup thing called meat and onion soup, and then a few random kinds of sushi. Most of it was pretty good, except for the one with all the lil shrimps, known as sakura blossom sushi… it was a bit crunchy, and the eyes…. needless to say, I would not eat it again. But at the end, you get a server to come over and she tallies up the price of your meal based on the number of plates and glasses and whatnot.  For my coke, soup, and 5 plates of sushi, it was probably roughly 7 or 8 dollars…. not too bad, and pretty filling, ultimately!



Having had a pretty good meal, and with us finally beginning to feel the fatigue of travel for the day, we decided to head back to our rooms, to do a little unpacking, and then pass out for the night. I stayed up enough to completely unpack my bags (mostly so I could justify sleeping in the next morning), before finally passing out.

End of Official Day 1!


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