…the last night.


The last night before I left was an interesting time. Since me and my buddy Jason were both going, I actually ended up spending the night at his place. The day was ultimately filled with me doing any last minute packing of my bags, ensuring I didn’t miss anything…. and then the rest of it was pretty much waiting. I wasn’t going to his place til the afternoon, so when I -thought- I had everything, and my bags were all set up, I had little to do but kill time on the computer and just letting general excitement tease at my senses.

When I eventually went to Jason’s house, it was just a little before we had our last meal in america. The menu for this meal? Spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread. It was very good, and I more than ate my fill of it! One thing I would highly recommend, depending upon where you are going…. get an idea for the type of food your likely be eating a lot of, and make your last meal something you may not have for QUITE a while. (even as I write this, I realize how much I would like a real hamburger… and its only been over a week! 😦 )

After the meal, we settled in the living room to just relax and converse. We watched some Twitch and chatted with the friends and family that were there and had shared the meal with us, since we wouldn’t be seeing them for quite some time. But eventually, everyone started to head in the direction of bed, and with good reason! We had to get up and going at 4 in the morning!

Eventually, being the last to actually go to sleep, I lay there, realizing it would be my last night in the states for a while. That, coupled with building excitement actually made it rather difficult to get to sleep. But eventually, I found myself drifting off….


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