As people grow, there are times through their life where they learn about far away places, whether it was an exotic location they saw in a movie, reading about myths and legends from another land, or simply seeing pictures of beautiful landscapes and scenes online. And these places call to something within a person, standing out from the countless millions of other things they have seen to be more interesting, to stand above the others for some reason. For some, its Australia. Others, England. Ireland. India. Egypt. As many locations as there are people wanting to go, and then some.

For me, this place was Japan.

Kon`nichiwa and Hello. My name is Brad, and welcome to my blog. Chances are, if you are reading this, either you are one of the many who simply adore my existence, or you are someone who is interested in pursuing the idea of studying abroad yourself. This blog is meant to not only be a blog of my personal journey during my study abroad, of the people I meet and places I see, but also a learning guide for anyone who is interested in studying abroad, particularly if your interested in going to Japan, like I am.

To begin with, I am a 30 year old non-traditional student. Essentially, the idea of non-traditional means someone who isn’t immediately going to college straight from high school. For myself, my age, as well as my previous time spent as a member of the U.S. Army designates me as a non-traditional student. I am attending K-State Polytechnic of Salina in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems, as well as one in Technology Management. I will also be working towards Associates Degrees in Web Development Technology and Business. Needless to say, I have a lot on my plate as a student.

As a prior member of the military, I had the opportunity to travel to a few different places all over the United States. I also got to visit Korea twice. The experiences I had in these moments were likely something that helped me realize how much fun it can be to go to a foreign place (though going from one state to another is a lot easier than to another country that has a language you aren’t fluent in, trust me!).

I have also had a fascination with Asian culture since I was a kid. From the food, to the first anime I ever watched (Sailor Moon, actually), and the many myths and legends I learned about as a child. Samurai, Ninjas, Feudal Lords, Geisha, Sakura Blossoms… there were so many unique aspects to Japan and it’s culture that drew me to become more and more fascinated with this foreign local. And it is with great pleasure (and excitement!) that I get to create this blog as I finally have the opportunity to visit the land I have been fascinated with since I was young.

As this blog progresses (hopefully with great regularity during my travels), it is my hope that it can help show even a sliver of the excitement I intend to have, as well as perhaps educate others in how to go about studying abroad, how to avoid any mistakes I made, as well as the many things to keep in mind while abroad.

It is my deepest desire that anyone reading this will find enjoyment and learning through my words and pictures that I present.

And without further ado….. Welcome! To the journey of a Kansan in Japan!


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Already, a beautiful page and lovely introduction, Brad. I am truly looking forward to following you on your journey. Stay safe and have a blast! 😘


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